Community Finds Financial Success & Landscape Funding with Expert Guidance from Community Solutions & Sales, An Associa® Company

This condominium consists of 201 units and features a swimming pool and clubhouse. Community Solutions & Sales, An Associa® Company (CSS), has managed the community since 2015.


Before partnering with CSS, the community’s prior management company had deferred much of the needed landscaping projects and failed to advise the association of the required funding amounts to improve the appeal of the community. This left the association with diminished landscaping and without suitable reserve funds to improve the community’s aesthetics.

The board of directors hoped to find a reputable and experienced management company that could assist with the immediate challenges that they faced—low reserve balances, improper remediation, delinquencies, and maintenance. These challenges, which were left over from the previous management company, negatively impacted condominium resale values, pride of ownership, and owner satisfaction. The board needed a management partner that was transparent and capable of remediating the financial and low morale issues it faced.


When the board hired Community Sales & Solutions, An Associa® Company, it saw immediate change. CSS first illustrated how it would add instant value to day-to-day operations by walking board members through a thorough onboarding process, detailing the professional services that they could expect. Then, the community manager worked with the board and residents to identify create solutions to target the landscaping project. The manager had idea of applying for a grant from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District for water-wise landscaping, which would reduce water consumption by 175,000 gallons per year. The manager composed the grant, applied with the state, and received the funding needed for the community. This win provided needed funding for the landscaping project while allowing for environmental solutions for the community.

CSS also worked with the board to make a commitment to increase their reserve contributions and balance. Both have grown over 475% to $375,000 over 10 years. This happened by reducing the significant delinquencies and adding a reinvestment of .05% of sales prices and resales. Now, with operational capital, the board can work to improve the quality of the community. These solutions reflect the dedicated time, persistence, and focus required to grow a community to success from unfavorable circumstances. Today, the community is on a firm foundation and continues to grow.


Community Finds Financial Success & Landscape Funding with Expert Guidance from Community Solutions & Sales, An Associa® Company